The leading press agency aims to increase productivity and revenues by systematically detecting the uses of its photos on the Internet and in the press.


Every day, thousands of images from AFP are made available to its customers and distributors for publication. These photos will then end up in newspapers, magazines, on millions of web pages, generating billions of views in the news feeds of social platforms and search engines.

In order to optimize its licensing and copyright enforcement activities, AFP needed to report reliably on the uses of its images. But two major obstacles stood in the way: the huge number of web and print publications, and the fact that its copyright information is often forgotten or erased upon publication.

After having long sought a solution capable of automatic and error-free identification of its own photos on the web and in the press, AFP adopted the solution from IMATAG, a specialist in visual content recognition and invisible watermarking.

The photos distributed by AFP are all marked invisibly by IMATAG and then searched continuously on its clients’ websites and newspapers. Each detection of an AFP photo is first certified automatically and then consolidated into a report. The time previously spent on eliminating false positives can thus be reinvested for better productivity.

"AFP has equipped itself with the best photo identification technology”, explains Patrice Monti, Sales and marketing director at AFP. "The extent of the use of our images, revealed by IMATAG’s solution, represents a new source of business intelligence, with both legal and commercial perspectives."

The service should also contribute to AFP's Business Intelligence by providing it with better knowledge of its own market. "This is why Imatag Monitor is also adopted by major Brands”, claims Mathieu Desoubeaux, CEO of IMATAG. “Tracking their own visual content online is a smart way to spot threats (leaks, counterfeiting, intellectual property, reputation ...) or opportunities''.



Created in 2015 to leverage its patented invisible watermark, IMATAG specializes in the protection and identification of images. In just a few years, Imatag has convinced large companies in the press market, as well as brands, of the value of controlling the use of their images. Whether it's to protect their copyrights, fight against leaks or better understand their market, tens of references use Imatag’s invisible tracker to identify their content, worldwide. More on


AFP is a leading global news agency providing fast, comprehensive and verified coverage of the events shaping our world and of the issues affecting our daily lives. Drawing from an unparalleled news gathering network across 151 countries, AFP is also a world leader in digital verification. With 2,400 staff representing 100 different nationalities, AFP covers the world in six languages, with a unique quality of multimedia storytelling spanning video, text, photos and graphics. More on


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Christine Deschaseaux

Christine Deschaseaux

Expert in digital strategies and innovation and CMO at Imatag. Christine’s 20+ year career is guided by her taste for technologic innovation and her customer-oriented mindset. Her skills mix engineering, digital economy and marketing of innovation.

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