Already trusted by leading photo agencies, the company that perfected the image identification process based on invisible and indelible watermark, is expanding its offer to brands, enterprises, and the media.

Lamark becomes Imatag and extends its image protection offer to brand and business market

The loss of income due to copyright infringement is a significant problem for photo agencies and photographers. Lamark has been successfully tackling this issue since 2015 by marketing Imatag, its image tracking platform on the internet and in the press.

Since then, the French startup has seen an increasing number of requests from companies concerned with securing their distribution, their brand, or their reputation by better controlling their images and videos. Primarily of concern are their visuals of a product launch campaign liable to "leak", photos of products picked up by illegal or counterfeit sales sites and/or content whose license is about to expire.
Imatag's offer is, therefore, expanding naturally to embrace the market for monitoring and protecting visual content for businesses.


Leak detection : Imatag Leaks exploits the powerful invisible watermarking algorithm patented by the founders from INRIA. This online tool embeds a unique invisible and indelible code to each content sent to the recipient of a campaign. In the event of a leak, submitting the suspicious content to the online detector will identify, via the invisible mark, the original recipient of the document.
Thanks to this process, this professional tool is the only one that can watermark thousands of copies of the same image.

IMATAG Monitor

Content monitoring : Imatag Monitor is the answer to companies who need to measure the impact of their campaigns, find illegal copies, enforce compliance, or license their content. With automated reports, users can precisely identify, monitor, control, and analyze in just a few clicks the usage of their images and videos on the web.

After a 2019 year full of growth, Imatag is preparing ambitious goals for 2020

2019 was the year of growth for IMATAG.

Growth at the team level, with the arrival of new resources for product development, their marketing in Europe and worldwide, and support for its administrative and financial growth.
Commercial growth, with the signing of clients such as AFP, Max PPP, Abaca Press, ADAGP, and the Alexander Onassis Foundation, which enabled Imatag to double its turnover in 2019.

Imatag has also established strong partnerships in France and abroad, with companies such as Pixtrakk, Picrights, Wedia, and IO Integration, which today offer the IMATAG solution to their client portfolios.

Finally, international development is underway for IMATAG, already representing 25% of its customers in the world.
This growth and its new ambitions are supported by a new brand identity, communicating its international expansion.

About Imatag

Created under the name of Lamark in 2015 by five engineers and researchers from INRIA Rennes, this startup from Britany, supported by the media watch company EDD, specializes in the watermarking and visual identification of images. Wishing to respond to the problems of rights holders in the photography market, they developed the Imatag watermarking platform and launched it in 2016. In the summer of 2019, the company made a strategic pivot by opening its services more precisely to brands, companies, and agencies concerned with the use and reuse of their visual content.


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Christine Deschaseaux

Christine Deschaseaux

Expert in digital strategies and innovation and CMO at Imatag. Christine’s 20+ year career is guided by her taste for technologic innovation and her customer-oriented mindset. Her skills mix engineering, digital economy and marketing of innovation.

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